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About Smoke Photography

You will be thinking to you self…huh about what? Smoke Photography? Right this guy needs pills!



But no really Smoke Photography can produce very artistic and beautiful results, such as these here which were my first quick try at it:

The set up for this type of photography is surprisingly simple, 1 incense stick, 1 teaspoon and 2 flashes left and right behind the incense, pointed upwards firing into the smoke. a black background, and your ready to go. Hold the teaspoon over the burning incense stick so the smoke will separate and produce nice curling patterns. add color gels to your flashes and the colors of the smoke are only limited by your imagination.

This was my table set up for this, I shot some drinks first and after used this same set up for the smoke shots!

I intend to retake some of these shots on my next day off and hope to frame one or two of the master pieces to hang on the wall!

Come to think of it this could be great on the walls of bars where smoking is still allowed!

Until next time!

Here follow some links to some good tutorial sites for this kind of Photography:


Smoke Jelly Fish

Smoke Jelly Fish


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