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Bloody Mary

So yesterday I ended up being Thirsty and Hungry for a Nibble, I threw some Prawns on Sticks, added some Gazpacho based Sauce, and then thought what’s better to go with this then some Bloody Mary Shooters!

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Here is my favorite Recipe and some variation ideas:


My Favorite Bloody Mary Recipe
1.5 oz Grey Goose vodka
2 oz tomato juice
1 oz V8 juice
0.5 oz lemon juice
7 drops Worcestershire sauce
3 drops Tabasco sauce
freshly ground Black pepper
few grates of fresh horseradish on top, for that kick!
1 dash celery salt, freshly grated

Other variations I would suggest:

Virgin Mary (alcohol Free)

Bloody Maria (tequila)

Bloody Geisha (Sake)

Michelada (Mexican Beer)

Caesar (Clamato Juice)

Bloody Eight (V8 only, no tomato juice)

Bloody Mary Prawns

Bloody Mary Prawns


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