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Marriott Mai Khao Beach Resort review


The Reflection Pool

The Reflection Pool


If you are particular about where you SLEEP… look no further than this wonderful King sized bed and fantastic pillows…..I want that bed/pillows at home… The whole unit was tastefully furnished with a spacious layout.

One of 4 pools

One of 4 pools

The staff were all very friendly, happy and ready to please. We had a lovely maid (daily cleaning) who left the most amazing towel animals on our bed each day.



I would recommend hiring a car as the whole resort is out on a limb but if you want somewhere relaxing, beautiful and comfortable , you will not be disappointed with the mai khao. We rented a spanking new 6 seater toyota for HK$ 2200 per week only, and fuel is not a major cost factor here. They have a full schedule of kids and adult activities, (free DVD & book rental) but as the resort is so new , be sure to book ahead or the class will not take place as i found to my disappointment one 8am stretch class. DO try the adult bike ride, it was fun and gave us a good view of our immediate vicinity. Loved all the food we had especially the 24hr room service which was laid out upon delivery like I’v never seen before..real Thai hospitality….!! Prices were not over the top compared to Hong Kong rates, thought everything was expensive for being in Phuket, although the ‘Siam cafe’ at JW’s did have more of a choice/larger menu.

Thai Dance

Thai Dance

There is still some noise from the construction across the road but the apts are so well sound proofed that there is absolutely no disturbance when inside the apt even during a heavy thunder storm..!! My one and only complaint would be the dangers of the beach there, Mai Khao beach is stunningly beautifull but also totally deserted, I love this but obvious reasons are the cause. the beach is very steep, too steep for children to play on, also the waves and especially the undercurrents are particularly dangerous for not experienced and fit swimmers. Lucky I have plenty of buoyancy, so no problem for me.

Beach Chairs

Beach Chairs

We found most bigger and famous beaches however a downturn in Phuket, beaches such as Pathong, are just way too crowded, and way commercial, instead we decided to drive along the coast up back to Mai Khao, to explore all beaches along the road, and found places like Surin Beach, a nice clean safe beach quite small, but with nice restaurants, very quiet, we occupied 3 beach beds, and the closest ones occupied to us were about 50 meters away. there were enough facilities and also rentals of jet ski’s etc a big plus was great service, and better much better prices!

Private Dining

Private Dining

Disturbing is that Jet ski rentals are not covered by insurance, which i find is weird for a tourist spot, but ok we survived it without any damages or injuries, even my 12 years old went alone for the last 20 minutes!




 The kitchens come fully stocked with utensils and tools you need to prepare a feast, only the frying pans were no use for electric fires as the bottoms were bent, but its so complete it comes even with a blender, for making much necessary margaritas, a spice grinder, yes a serious spice grinder, a set of cutlery and china for 8 pax, and every day refills for coffee, milk, sugar etc for breakfast. as usual mini bar items and the shop at the resort are very expensive, so I was happy to have a car and go to Tesco etc to do some shoppings. 4000 Baht did us good for 3 days of food, booze etc…….mind you we ate lunch outdoors every day and dinner only outdoors on the last 3 days, its just so more convenient to stay at the room for dinner with 3 kids with all their own difficulties of table manners.


King on Mai Khao Beach

King on Mai Khao Beach



Our flat had 2 bedrooms, each the size of my small appartment in Hk, the 2nd bedroom had 2 comfy double beds of very high quality, an ensuite bathroom, and park view.

the master bedroom had 1 king sized bed, with 12 pillows on it when we arrived, a pull out double sofa bed, 2 chairs and a table, plenty cabinet spaces, and a bathroom to die for…..after knowing HK bath tubs you will feel you are in a swimming pool in their tub! had many nice moments there with the wife….oops i shouldnt mention that.


a spacious balcony, with seaview, however the palm trees are not grown enough to allow you to view it now….probably only after a few more years. The living room is spacious, has a large sofa, 3 chairs, a coffee table and a comfy desk with free internet connection. a Nice glass dining table with seats for 8, and the open kitchen. there is a tp notch washing and drying machine, which comes with free detergent etc again.


daily 3 big bottles of water are supplied free of charge, along with the coffee and tea making stuff.


Room make up is a brisk 5 person activity, and they are in and out in 20 minutes, this includes a daily window wash which i found was excessive, but when asked they pointed out quickly that there are fat fingerprints from the kids all over te windows…….so ok.


staff were extremely friendly and courteous and golf carts whisked us away from one place to another on the property at any time we liked, which was to the joys of the kids who loved to ride them. Overall a great place, only con are the tv’s and the television signals, very old fashioned tv’s and very bad quality sound.


The Chef worked in Marriott HK for a year 2 years ago……so that provided for some interesting talking for me as well.


What I liked most in Phuket? the dirty, messy, non english speaking local wet/dirt markets for the locals…..loved seeing their normal ways and habits and foods..although I was very concerned for my kiddos with food hygiene.


definitely a place to go.

 Large parts of this review are copied from Grandville on tripadvisor

As our stay was free, we were invited by a friend I cannot comment on the cost, however its a time share property and the minimum is about a weeks value, which comes down to about US$ 15.000 for a +- 50 years period i believe, off course time share is not bound to only this location, it gives you possibilities in many marriott properties and also in partner properties. anyhow……time share is not my thing, mainly because its nearly impossible to resell again with any value.


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  1. Wow, this is beautiful! I think this is the place for our fall vacation! Thanks for a great blog. towe.

    June 15, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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