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Party time

I am 2 days off and get a bunch of friends over tonight so I thought lets make it a good night, and use the drinks I shot last week for tonight, so tonight it will be shooter night!

I will make Home Made Orange Liqueur, somewhat like Cointreau with Vanilla Sticks, Kahlua shots with Chocolate Cigars, Pear Liqeue Shots with Compressed pear as Garnish, Mulled with with Soaked Orange, Bloody Mary’s with Celery and finally Mojito Shooters.

I will serve them one by one so no one has a chance to cheat!



Glassware was bouth in Horizon Plaza at Shambala for I think about HK$ 100 per set.

Off course there has to be some food, what better then these lovely babies, buy them frozen, defrost when needed and serve with Cocktail Sauce, a simple one is made by taking mayonaise, adding a dash of Tomato Ketchup, a dash of Brandy or Sherry, a bit of thinly whipped Cream, and dont forget a tiny bit of Cayenne Pepper to give it some oomph!




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