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A night out at TOTT’s

TOTTs dramatic entrance

TOTT's dramatic entrance

With Wendy Robin and The Quiet Storm!

It was a bit a different thing for me last night as we were invited by Regina and Dave to attend their wedding anniversary dinner and her birthday, as Regina asked me to bring my camera. Eeeek! I said, I shoot food, not people! But then again it would be a welcome change to do something out of the norm for once.


So while we drove to the Excelsior Hotel I was thinking what and how to…..and I was aware that the place gets very dark at about 10 pm when the band starts to play. I wanted to make sure I capture not only people, but also the mood and feel of everyone and the room around it, so I knew I had to resort to High ISO, slow shutter speed to allow enough ambient light in , but using flash to freeze the subjects.

Bass Guitarist

Bass Guitarist


Most Images were shot at or around 1/30-1/60 of a second, and all around 800-1600 Iso, I used shutter priority here as I knew no matter what I had to shoot wide open, so no need to set my aperture myself.


In some Images I have tried to show movement as well and therefore went even lower then 1/30 of a second, for example to show the bass players rapid finger movements, or dancing girls swaying of their hair.


As it was a private party and I did not ask everyone if it was ok if they end up on my blog, I decided to stick with the shots of the band instead.


Corey D. Abrams

Corey D. Abrams

Pecking away

Pecking away




Tott’s or also Talk of the Town is a restaurant and bar on the 34 floor of the excelsior hotel in Hong Kong overlooking big parts of the City and Kowloon.

They are known for having pretty good bands.









As the Excelsior says on their website, and I quote:

Located on the top floor of the hotel, ToTT’s – Talk Of The Town offers a refreshed and revitalised wining and dining experience with spectacular harbour views. If you are looking for a great lunch location or an excellent night out with fine food and wine, innovative cocktails and live entertainment in a contemporary environment, you will find ToTT’s the place to be and indeed, the Talk Of The Town.

The chic restaurant’s cool colour scheme of bronze, taupe, blues and chocolate creates a contemporary and stylish setting. Chocolate-toned armchairs and sofas in the dining and lounge areas are complemented by wall panels dressed in silvery blue fabric. A new private dining room tucked away in the corner will be best for intimate dining and special functions. Also new are two special booths set near the open kitchen. Open to the restaurant but enclosed enough to create a sense of privacy. These booths will be desirable for any festive occasion.

Our culinary team sources the best ingredients from around the world to bring you a menu of contemporary, international flavours.

Over at the bar, the multi-colour stained glass column adds sparkle and glamour to the bustling venue which everyone is talking about. Customers will be spoilt for choice with the cool, hip cocktail menu featuring elegant champagne cocktails, exotic flavoured martinis to classic cocktails and more. As the night wears on, the new live band takes the stage and customers can swing to the beat and dance the night away.


The Bands Singer attending to Birthday boys and girls

Wendy Robin attending to Birthday boys and girls

The crowd is totally digging it!

The crowd is totally digging it!

More here:


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