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Empty Glass on Blue

Empty Glass on Blue

This post was inspired by Fhansen photos (link: )who is one of my Flickr contacts, who has some absolutely awesome shots of wine glasses and a bloody mary, his shots stayed with me until now, many weeks after I had seen his. His shots were so crisp glass shots….i kept wondering how he did it. he did share some tips with me once after seeing some of my shots and as I always have trouble taking good shots of Glassware, I thought I have to revisit that now. 

Glass half full

Glass half full

Excuse my ugly walls, I didn’t have any graduated background materials which I would prefer to use for this, but since this is just a learning experience I thought….oh well…so what you will see here used as b/g are my wall, some silver or black paper and sometimes a foam board.

Champagne Coupe

Champagne Coupe

What I have learned over time is to light the background and let the light come through the glass, instead of adding fill, or lighting from above/the front. So what I have done here is place 1 light with a snoot and a blue gel directed from the side, above, level and below on the background. You can clearly see I used different angles, and not always succesfull….also my snoot isnt round but more oblong shaped, I tried to fix that, but didn’t do too well.

White Wine

White Wine

In most shots I have used 2 white or black foam boards on either side of the glass, and even sometimes mixing them, i.e. one white left and a black left, to add those beautiful black or white reflections on the sides of the glass, stem and foot.

Varying success I have to admit, but for a first try also not too bad. I didnt quite get it sharp, perhaps I been stupid and rely on AF here as I can imagine its tricky to af on glass, and I also realize I would have better used a black reflective base to put the glass on to add something to the shot.

The glasses were quality Riedel glasses however not new so you can see some wear and tear on them.



Anyway I thought this is worth sharing with you all and as I am anyway waiting for a skype conference call for WACS at 4 am HK time, I thought might as well do my best on this.

I will now resort to filling the glasses and emptying them until my call is over. Expect a grumpy man in the morning at 9 am 😉




2 responses

  1. Great tips. Thanks for sharing!

    March 26, 2009 at 1:15 pm

  2. cosmopolitanblog

    Thanks Arimou you have a splendid blog yourself I subscribed right away! nicely put together and nice recipes!

    March 26, 2009 at 3:13 pm

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