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Plank Cooking

Had a small Party tonight from a good friend in Ma Wan, Park Island, as he expected 30+ guests I offered to bring some food to cook as well, so we brought along some Cedar Planks, Seabass and Salmon to do some plank cooking on the Barbie!


Salmon on Cedar Wood Plank

Salmon on Cedar Wood Plank



Plank Cooking is relatively simple, just soak the planks (you can easily buy them online) in water overnight to prevent them from burning to easy. Slap a side of Salmon or Seabass on it, Season with Salt and Pepper, and place it on a hot grill…..make sure you keep an eye on it and douse any flames that may start. Its better to use a BBQ with a cover so at times you can tamper the fire and if there is wind you need the cover to make sure the smoke covers the fish before being blown away. One thing I like to do with the Salmon though is about halfway through cooking baste it with some honey or syrup which is laced with some chili powder, it goes very well with Salmon!

I dont have to many pictures as cooking, taking care of my lovely wife and kids as well as having to chat with other friends there, I just didnt have enough time.


Seabass on Cedar Wood Plank, notice the brown coloration of the fish, its due to the smoke

Seabass on Cedar Wood Plank, notice the brown coloration of the fish, its due to the smoke


Many lovely other foods were prepared by my friend Christopher, but again no pictures, also some delish Pork Neck made by my wife, again without any pictures…..its about time I get myself organized isnt it?

I did manage to get a few more shots of some of the people there, which can be seen below, and it was such a shame it wasnt nice and warm, as the party area had even a small private swimming pool. The facilities were really great, the area contains a complete Miele installed open Kitchen, a large dining table to seat about 16, a living area with sofa and tv that could seat easily 20, a karaoke room, a eletronic Mahjong room, yes electronic Mahjong, what luxury, changing rooms, and a large out door area with BBQ, Dining area, and the Swimming pool. Ah when will South Horizons get such Club House Facilities?


Me and Chef Hans

Me and Chef Hans

Chef Hans and Chef Rudy

Chef Hans and Chef Rudy

One of Hong Kongs magnificent lit bridges

One of Hong Kong's magnificent lit bridges


2 responses

  1. Nice post. Good and instructive. Best, s

    April 4, 2009 at 5:18 pm

  2. Sally, Food Diva

    Marco –
    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed this. I myself have never used a plank, but have used very large chips of wood in the same fasion over coals on a campfire. It works beautifully, though is not quite as tidy as this. Great pics!
    It’s hard to be ‘organized’ and have pics of everything, isn’t it?
    Sally, Food Buzz Food Diva

    April 4, 2009 at 6:05 pm

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