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Upcoming Culinary events in Hong Kong

There is a number of interesting culinary events coming up in Hong Kong shortly, one of which is a exhibition called Restaurant and Bar which is held from 1st to 3rd September at HKCEC, it has a Masterclass with many of HKCA Chefs doing demo’s, a Chefs Corner for all the pro’s to gather and network, and also hosts the Hong Kong Young Chefs Club Hot Chef Team Challange 2009 a competition organized by Tabasco. Undoubtedly Thursday will be the “hottest” day as the Hong Kong winners then battle on the Singaporean winners!

Next on the list of interesting events is the well known Best of the Best which is a Chinese Cuisine competition which runs from 29-30 September 2009.

See below flyer for more details:

Last but not least, and this is not in Hong Kong but whole way across the globe, the WACS Congress in Chile in 2010:


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