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Aberdeen Seafood Market (Hong Kong)

Aberdeen Seafood Market (Hong Kong)

Officially you have to apply for a permit to shoot here and that will cost you HK$ 4500 for ½ a day… tourist and people friendly Hong Kong is you cant believe, just like around my home my children are not allowed to play ball, bike, fly kite, fish etc etc. Admittedly its a wholesale trade only market and I can imagine why they want to keep people of property, or you’d end up with everyone going there to try and buy direct etc.

Anyhow so I knew if I wanted to smuggle myself in I had to somewhat blend in, erh you may wonder how a fat bald white guy blends in to this market, not easy I tell you!

Most important thing, just dont use flash, so at 5 am with virtually no light, only the lightbulbs, you have to resort to high ISO.

Most guys were good sports here, just a few grumpy old farts who tried to shoo me away.

Its a colorful market, Asia’s fish and seafood is a lot more interesting to look at then say European fare, as its tropical and colorful.

Wikipedia has an article about Aberdeen here: but it toitally fails to even mention the Seafood market which I think is absurd


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  1. Sampad

    Hey am from India an am on a tour to Hong Kong…, while Googling for information on Hongkong travel, foods, shopping I landed here. I’ve heard much about reasonable shopping range here can anybody suggest me some shopping plazas that offer

    September 21, 2009 at 1:28 pm

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