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Food and Beverage Photography for beginners

Food and Beverage Photography for beginners

Or download the full PDF here

When and where

Monday, March 1st,  2010, Location TBC

For who is this course

For anyone who wants to get to know the basics of food photography & food lighting


HK$ 1200 per person with 6 pax per class, this includes Coffee, tea, some light snacks and all materials and food to shoot images of.


45 minutes theory, 1 hour practice with daylight, 1 hour practice with flashes, 1 hour editing, plus reviewing afterwards of the images taken. +- 5 hours.

Course Requirement:

you should have a basic knowledge of your camera, aperture and shutter speed. A tripod is absolute necessary (Brick)!  A digital SLR with a wide angle, normal, and short telephoto and/or macro lens. We will start shooting daylight, and later on with flashes which I will provide.

Course Outline:

Understanding light
With food photography, light is the most important aspect. No matter how good your dish, if it is not lighted properly, it won’t look good! We will be discussing Quality (hard or soft) , Quantity (controlling light) , and Direction (modifiers)  of light and go through some simple samples of how all three of these relate in creating food pictures. In this part we will also go through the available light modifiers on hand and what they do. Reflectors, diffusers, Umbrellas, Soft boxes, snoots etc.
Camera, Lenses, Directions

When shooting food you want to show it from its best side, you want to show its form, you want to show its texture, you want to show its glisteningly fresh. In order to do this, few points are important, the angle of shooting, the lens selection, aperture setting and even focus point all interact with the subject to show its characteristics.
Subject qualities
Reflective, translucent, flat, textured, are a few words that describe the visual qualities of a subject. Each of these qualities presents a unique challenge to the photographer. We will discuss how to match the lighting to your subject to show off its properties as well as what to do when there are multiple properties in a scene.

Bringing it all together
combining everything we have covered in the first three lessons to create compelling food images, using daylight at first and later eliminating daylight and lighting by flash instead.

Lesson 2: Styling, lighting and Photographing using daylight

GROUP 1:  Shoot, light and style a salad with a drink, 2nd shot assorted fruits

GROUP 2:  Shoot, light and style a picture of stacked Green and Red Apple and Orange Slices, 2nd shot a Curry and Indian Spices

GROUP 3: Shoot, light and style a picture of 3 mini cakes, 2nd shot a tower of Dried pasta with props

Feel free to use any of the props provided, reflector cards, black cards, etc.

Lesson 3: Using Flash Photography

As a group, we style, light and take an attractive Image of some Indian dishes, A Hamburger and a Bottle and Glass of Beer  (3 images) using different backgrounds and props.

Lesson 4

Editing some samples of the images taken on the day using Aperture, Light room and Photoshop

Recap on the projector

Review of the images taken on the day, comments and ideas sharing.

Send me an email if you wish to join!


Chrystal Ball Photography

Through some Photography friends I saw some shots of a picture taken through a Chrystal Ball, what fun results indeed! In fact the ball just works like a big Fish eye lens, but by being creative with it you get very nice results, like you can see below. One thing though, they are not cheap, heavy like hell, and one more thing to make squeeky clean before you can take a shot!

when shooting like this, in post you need to turn the image around as the image in the Chrystal ball is upside down, or you can as I did in the last shot of my son, leave the image as is, but just select in photo shop the ball itself and turn its contents by 180 degrees.

if your subject is far enough away from you and also your ball is far away enough from the lens then I have found there is not to much distortion, but the closer you move the more distorted it gets!


I am back! Yoohoo!

Hi, after a long absence I am back, had lots of things to do, things to work on and learn on/from, and now hope to be back with some more photography and other news.

Just shot some Pani Puri or also called Golguppa I believe, made by my Indian Chef and used a very very old stained wooden banquet table to style it on, the table was earmarked for disposal, but I am gonna hide it somewhere for use as a photo prop.

Pani Puri

Also I am just back as you can see from a short weekend trip with my Son Alex to Taipei, a little Father and Son bonding was indeed necessary and since we have the same hobby it was excellent, off course with location we were lucky as hell as our hotel was located in the middle of Photography Street, thus on both sides one shop after the other with nothing than camera porn, strobist dreams, tripod heaven etc etc. was hard to control ourselves, but in the end we managed! Here some shots from BEFORE I finally got a good tripod!

Alex getting a Juice


Fun with my Son