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Vertical Panorama of China Bank in Hong Kong

Went out the other day to do some vertical panorama of China Bank Building, this after someone first taught me how to do a regular panorama shot and stitch them in photoshop.

So I set out at about 5 pm to find a good spot, took half an hour for that and found a reasonable good spot with a nice wide view of the area, then had to wait until just about sunset….luckily my wait was rewarded when a good friend passed by with….well you guess it a couple of cans of beer. I am not sure whether this was to distract me or to improve what I was going to do.

For these kind of shots its very important to wait for the right kind of light, if I had taken this lets say 30 minutes earlier it would have been all very bland.

I did a few tests, check settings, check exposure etc etc. and finally it was about 7 pm we could finally take some shots before heading down to the bar for a few more beers and snacks.

An hour later the Images were loaded on the computer and ready to start to edit.

Hmm, Right I am not someone very familiar with photo shop so luckily my online tutor was there to guide me! I stitched the 5 images together with the aid of Photoshop’s automate function and i selected perspective. What came out after some crunching was rather funny, the whole shape of the image was weird, BUT whats most important is that the building looked great to begin with. So what followed was some cropping to get rid of the weird corners and end up with a manageable image to further process. I learned how to use the skew function, as well as warp, and also lens correction perspective control. I have to admit, next time I will shoot much wider, as man does this eat away on the edges of your image, in the end I was left with a very tight image around the china building, in fact almost centered on the image, which I dont really like.

Anyhow after editing a bit more, I really like the outcome of this. I also did some 10 image shots, but until now I did not yet manage to get these stitched together well, its a work in progress!

China Bank

China Bank


2 responses

  1. I’ve never done vertical panorama’s but this looks beautiful. Love the light!!

    May 9, 2010 at 7:06 am

    • cosmopolitanblog

      Thanks Simone, my trusted folower 🙂 hehe. I am almost forced to do vertical panoramas in HK with its height :). the hardest part is photoshop to get them fused together well, and correct the perspective

      May 10, 2010 at 9:12 am

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