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Panorama’s and other no brainers

With the emphasis on No Brainers, because today I set out from work on time thinking to be just in time to catch twilight…… course it would never occur to me that my camera bag had been laying the whole day in a freezing room, and that the outside temperature was 30 degrees and humidity must have been about 90 % … you get it all? I took my cam out of the bag and thought to go to work……..but……i had to wait 45 minutes to let it dry up again as the condensation was almost, just not yet, nearly dripping down!

Man oh man could I hit myself on the head with that Brick someone gave me! I have always said to myself in HK with summer heat, always let your camera adjust before unpacking or opening anything.

Anyway the result was that twilight was over and thus i had no other chance then just wait and see for 8 oclock for the light show, but what a boring feat that is man, I dont understand all the tourists come to look at some lightbulbs shining across a harbour! If you havent seen it yet, take my advice, dont waste your time on it, by al means come and see HK’s skyline, but dont stay waiting for the 8 o’clock show, it’s a joke.

anyway here some images of the event and one image at last to show how funny things can be when your practicing and it goes all wrong…sometimes that’s just worth saving

If you wish to see the images in larger size feel free to visit my flickr:


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