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WTF? Gardening update

Went to a garden store to sort myself out to save my own time…….Hong Kong has hit summer since 2 days and this costs me now with my full on nursery 2 times per day watering each time roughly 35 minutes as the seedlings are still small and we dont want to kill any because of an avalanche of water.

Sir, how about this model, its imported from Germany (i start to get very worried, about my wallet!) anyway I listen….Sir you see it oscilates and also you can set it up for a square or a round or even an oval garden….so I ask my garden is diamond shaped, can it hanlde that? erh…..long silence…..and a weird smile to let me know she doesnt like my question.

I ask what it costs, she tells me HK$ 800

after recovering….I ask a few simple but to the point questions, dont you have a model that doesnt oscilate but just simply swings, one without a computer chip, and one that is preferably made in china? I think it should be possible to get this for lets say less then HK$ 200, after all all it does is deliver water, whats more simple then that, right?

I’ll illustrate what I am looking for and the only thing I can find:

Simple cheap ass swaying sprinkler that works no matter what and does just what I want it to do, deliver simple water. should cost no more then HK$ 200 but sadly unavailable anywhere i look.

right you can see the queen of queens the ultimate watering tool for yuppies and bankers, at a whopping 800 HK$ a unit all it does is deliver water, its made totally out of plastic which easily breaks and comes with non removeable nozzles, so once something gets clogged you will have to buy a new one, or I guess send it back to Germany for servicing……I am surprised it doesnt come with a USB connection and  a wireless router built in!

Anyway the plants are only doing so so, and I think the constant humid and rainy season is to blame…..lucky yesterday summer weather started and I have also added some fertilizer to help kick start the foilage growth. I hope I did not overdo it with the fertilizer as that can also kill plants.

With about 100 plants potted and not much experience doing this……I start to feel quite some pressure and am eager to see some more growth on the foilage so they stop being so tiny and sensitive……for example tomorrow I am off, so no one will monitor them and with temperatures of 30+ degrees……I wonder what will I see wednesday morning. I am also still undecided about whether to stake my tomato plants or let them grow up some tomato thread suspended from above….anyone with any opinions on this? for the Cucumbers & squashes I will have some metal grating to let them grow up against.

anyway for now I just bought something like this so I can rain water instead of inundate plants with water and dislodge everything each day.

Luckily its made in China, cheap as  water, and does just what I want, deliver water…..just a shame that I still have to stand behind it though…..oh well gues I’ll have to go buy a garden chair as well now.


Farmer Marco


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  1. A rollable garden composter is a great addition to any garden. They make it easy to keep your plants and vegetables provided with the nutrition and soil they need.

    May 24, 2010 at 12:48 pm

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