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All my gear is back from the doctor!

My gear had some problems, some were sick, some were dirty….so they had to go to the specialist and dust doctor for deep cleaning and medication.It sure looks like the sensor is clean again, and hell do they do a good job on dusting these guys, everything looks like new!

But everything has to be tested to prove its right so tonight, I had only limited time…..did a quick test with my little big boy as the subject… do kids NOT sit still.anyway everything squeeky clean and calibrated and fixed, etc etc again so here we go a few quick shots at home.

In two weeks time I am doing a shoot for a law firm, in between that for a salon, a few quick and small F&B shoots in between, all this whilst my wife and my wee boy fly out for a week of R&R in the Philippines…….i try to get some R&R with her when she is back home again!

Funny expressions

Dutch Filipino flags show his origin

All hens on deck!!

All hens on deck!!


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