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after a long day shoot we did a few trials with our new vario ND filters, 2.5 minute exposure here. lit by about 25.000 lightbulbs!


18/365 a shoot with the Veloso’s

Had a wonderful day out today shooting several small projects, one of them was a shoot with old friends pictured here.
lit with a gold reflector, shot with 70-200 mm lens.
what a day!

17/365 how much gear can I carry?

One of my Philipino Friends in HK is getting geared up to become a photographer and fellow strobes……….he doesn’t listen very well but oh whats new? been there done that, got the t-shirt! anyway we are out and about on a learning spree in Mei foo park tomorrow and after that will attempt to Freeze HK harbor with some ND forces!
2 blue gelled flashes behind as hairlights1 key light through umbrella at 3 o clock
he has bought some new gear today!

mean, lean photography machine!

16/365 1 Umbrella

Have to catch up quickly as I missed yesterdays shot.

so here my shot for 28/01/2011 the attendants for food photography class at Pantry Magic this morning, sorry 1 person is missing, and I didn’t even realize it what a mish mash am I!

Lit with one umbrella which was restricted I couldnt move it more to the front as there where pots and pans hanging down and obstructing everywhere. oh well 🙂

15/365 Ring Flash

One of my Three Son's

Son was playing in his “collapsible house” which is pretty much like a colored light tent and was playing ring ring (calling me on the phone ) and I instantly had a very simple solution to todays shot. Initially I wanted to try something with different personalities in mirrors, but this was so easy, albeit being just a bit too much of just a gear show.

anyway lit by a ring flash that is fitted on one of my Canon 430 EXII flashes, yep one of those cheapish ones, quite effective though i find
past 2 weeks now and I find this project is quite draining and demanding as you need to come with new ideas every day and pul it off everyday….however the reason why I started this was to propel myself learning more and faster, which is definitely happening. It may not show yet but I am confident in the coming weeks you will see dramatic improvements in my day to day efforts.





14/365 shot with old automatic Point and Shoot Camera

Yesterday no time for my shot as I was still moving my kitchen, so today will do 2 shots.

Shot with an old and automatic point and shoot camera!

first here is 14/365, a shot done for Saturday’s food photography class at pantry magic to show the differences between light when its direct and hard or diffused, perhaps not the best time to do this as the sun was very high, but just don’t have enough time to do this otherwise.

Direct sunlight, the shot below is the same but with a large diffuser held between the sun and the fruits.

Direct Sun Light

Wityh diffuser between sun and subject

11/365 Super Wide

Elements, Kowloon Station–Tung Chung Line, Airport Express and the entrance to several buildings Podium all in one shot!
From my viewpoint the lower floor is a drop of (roughly estimating) 20 meters, and the top of the interior, at the end of the escalators is at least another 20 meters up if not more.

Shot with Canon 15 MM Fisheye f2.8 and applied perspective correction in LR3