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6/365 Constructing Food

about a year or two ago I did some sort of studio or special set up almost every day after work… with 365 I wonder how I did that then, I am only 6 days into it and already feeling my back and the pressure of coming with new ideas and set ups daily. anyway not gonna let down, will continue!

1 soft box left, 1 umbrella for soft fill right from front, 1 reflector right, 1 gridded spot for spaghetti in bucket but this didnt work out as expected at all! then again thats why i do this, to learn more!

I really should have done this outdoors on a dirt road or something like that, but its freezing cold, and well ok this are all excuses i know, but staying at home there is no good background, cabinets, tables and chairs etc, so I chose to bring out the black b/g…….to much black and to little interesting things going on then…..ah, lesson learned next time roll up the sleeves and go down the road!


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