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15/365 Ring Flash

One of my Three Son's

Son was playing in his “collapsible house” which is pretty much like a colored light tent and was playing ring ring (calling me on the phone ) and I instantly had a very simple solution to todays shot. Initially I wanted to try something with different personalities in mirrors, but this was so easy, albeit being just a bit too much of just a gear show.

anyway lit by a ring flash that is fitted on one of my Canon 430 EXII flashes, yep one of those cheapish ones, quite effective though i find
past 2 weeks now and I find this project is quite draining and demanding as you need to come with new ideas every day and pul it off everyday….however the reason why I started this was to propel myself learning more and faster, which is definitely happening. It may not show yet but I am confident in the coming weeks you will see dramatic improvements in my day to day efforts.






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