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23/365 for the lazy Chef

Stocks straight from the tub, ready made, good for lazy Chefs or great to cover for sudden big banquets or low manpower.
placed on a reflective black steel plate, polished it for 15 minutes with silver polish to bring it to shine as good as it could be, but ended up with massive amount sof dust on it. once I cleaned that up (sort of) I saw how bad the printed label was, with even more white odd spots on the black label, so had to spend another while removing those.
Lit with 1 soft-box from above, 1 reflector right and a white paper left to hide any color reflection from the books used to keep the spoon in place.
Rushed the whole “put sauce and shoot thing” as I was worried most about getting “skin” forming on the sauce……in te end I ended up with a unflattering blob of sauce on the base, i guess its partly due to its on black, a lighter base would have shown the sauce better, but the black goes so well with the tubs.
oh well…..tomorrow day 24


ok take 2 is below, as I was not happy with the above shot at all, I did another one:

As I said yesterday, wasn’t happy at all with the shot, the way it was composed, the way the sauce looked, positioning of it, dust etc etc. so just had to make up for it and redo it again today….15 mins set up, 5 minutes to shoot and adjust, 20 minutes editing, and I am now quite happy with this.
Never rush! lesson learned!


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