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24 & 25 /365 double post

24/365 any luck for an early retirement?

Very simple today, bought 5 quick picks held them up outside the shop in front the HKJC banner atop the store, wide open lens for a nice bit of bokeh….now al thats left to do is hope for a bit of luck.


25/365 Feierabend!

Day off tomorrow, and early home today, so cracking a special bottle for a special evening.
Bottle set up on the same black reflective metal plate as the Chefs Sauce Image, added a steel grate for interestingness, a gridded orange gelled spot on the b/g (hidden behind the table) …..wanted to use brown but have no brown gel at the moment. 1 striplight at left (homemade version, made from the box the background rolls come in and some vellum paper) and a softbox front right, add one reflector left in front.


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