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15/365 Ring Flash

One of my Three Son's

Son was playing in his “collapsible house” which is pretty much like a colored light tent and was playing ring ring (calling me on the phone ) and I instantly had a very simple solution to todays shot. Initially I wanted to try something with different personalities in mirrors, but this was so easy, albeit being just a bit too much of just a gear show.

anyway lit by a ring flash that is fitted on one of my Canon 430 EXII flashes, yep one of those cheapish ones, quite effective though i find
past 2 weeks now and I find this project is quite draining and demanding as you need to come with new ideas every day and pul it off everyday….however the reason why I started this was to propel myself learning more and faster, which is definitely happening. It may not show yet but I am confident in the coming weeks you will see dramatic improvements in my day to day efforts.






14/365 shot with old automatic Point and Shoot Camera

Yesterday no time for my shot as I was still moving my kitchen, so today will do 2 shots.

Shot with an old and automatic point and shoot camera!

first here is 14/365, a shot done for Saturday’s food photography class at pantry magic to show the differences between light when its direct and hard or diffused, perhaps not the best time to do this as the sun was very high, but just don’t have enough time to do this otherwise.

Direct sunlight, the shot below is the same but with a large diffuser held between the sun and the fruits.

Direct Sun Light

Wityh diffuser between sun and subject

11/365 Super Wide

Elements, Kowloon Station–Tung Chung Line, Airport Express and the entrance to several buildings Podium all in one shot!
From my viewpoint the lower floor is a drop of (roughly estimating) 20 meters, and the top of the interior, at the end of the escalators is at least another 20 meters up if not more.

Shot with Canon 15 MM Fisheye f2.8 and applied perspective correction in LR3

10/365 Street View

I am moving Office and Kitchen as we are under renovation, and no off course this ain’t my office nor my temporary office, but I passed it while walking home and found it was an interesting place, had a nice feel to it, even though its messy, made up from bits and pieces etc, you can feel clearly that someone makes this “home” ever day.I pass this place every day on my way home from work.

9/365 The Glenrothes one of my favourites

One of my favourite Whisky’s

The Glenrothes is an award winning Speyside Single Malt of exceptional quality. Hidden from the main street in the town of Rothes, the distillery lies at the foot of the Mannoch Hills besides the Rothes burn.

The water They use in the process of making Glenrothes comes from 2 natural springs, the Ardcanny and the Brauchhill, just a couple of miles upstream.

Vintage 1998 has won two awards in 2010:

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Silver
  • International Spirits Challenge: Silver

As written on Glenrothes website:

This expression is the next Core Vintage to follow the Vintages 1991 and 1994. It is the first of the vintages expressly laid down at origin to be bottled as Glenrothes on maturity . As a result it is anticipated that The Glenrothes 1998 Vintage will have greater longevity than some of the earlier vintages. It is also the first bottling to carry the label signature of Gordon Motion, who has taken over as ‘Malt Master’ with the recent retirement of John Ramsay. The comparatively youthful 1998 Glenrothes boasts a nose of spicy vanilla, golden syrup and lemongrass. The palate is gentle and quite sweet, with vanilla custard and cinnamon notes.

Oh and no I did not buy this bottle, I can’t afford it, but am glad I can taste it once in a while!

Strobist info:

1 x 430 EX II flagged and fired at an angle into background

3 reflector panels to provide a bit to little fill.
Had I taken my tripod with me I would have tried different lighting and use a slow shutter with cable release, so remember always carry that damn heavy thing with you, you need it!

8/365 day off

day 8 and am almost going under from stress at work and the stress of the 365 itself… here is a day off/rescue shot form a shoot a few days ago.

my 365, my rules…….live with it! tomorrow better i wish!

strobist setup:
2 bare skip lights, left and right zoomed in to 105 mm
1 keylight in umbrella up right
1 gridded spot behind
1 reflector below

7/365 Craving Food Porn

Food Porn totally misunderstood by this Chef!
Food porn is a provocative term variously applied to a spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media,foods boasting a high fat and calorie content, exotic dishes that arouse a desire to eat or the glorification of food as a substitute for sex.
"Food porn" specifically refers to food photography and styling that presents food glamorously or provocatively, as in glamour photography or pornographic photography. as if the Chef didn’t know!!