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2/365 sick, flu, cold

man……..2nd day this doesnt prove good so far, but that means i am learning……..hope i improve fast on doing anything right whenever! haha.
what i tried to do is portray my youngest son Jens who is sick with the cold, as being so, so I thought to gel the key light blue…..but came back on that very soon as it became nearly impossible to color the medicine differently then, so ended up using a tungsten white balance instead, turning the whole scene blue……..adding a snooted and gridded spot to the medicine as i wanted to warm that up and make that feel as "the cure". this all whilst struggling with a boy who had his own ideas of the set etc. fine it dindt work to well either, tomorrow will be another day :)strobist info: 1 umbrella right, i snooted gridded & gelled spot on medicine


Hong Kong Is closed

Swine flu reached us we are not available right now…we made a crappy press conference and a total fool of ourselves…..

come back in 7 days please.

yes this is meant to be sarcastic!