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Biting right into project 365

Project 365, or taking an image a day for 365 days, I wanted to do this project a long time already, but always to many excuses, planned on getting it started on January 1st, but got cold feet. Finally decided to be a man and give it a try, so here I am biting right into my 365.

My thoughts on this project are simple, it gets me shooting more, gets me out of the door more, and as I shoot more I will hopefully become better and better at what I do with my camera.  I doubt if I am creative enough and consistent enough to keep this going every day, whilst keeping you entertained!? but sure I can try and take from it what i can get.

I think it will be more interesting for me then sticking with DPC which in itself is great, but doesn’t appeal that much or encourage me that much.

not such a good one for first day, but this had to be done on a long and busy day in between functions etc, so had literally 10 minutes before quick dinner to set up.
Set up was simple enough this time, with 1 flash bounced into ceiling (should have tried the wall instead) and 1 flash zoomed in and fired into a floor skip which was actually a piece of Mah Jong paper to create the nice catch lights in the eye. (learned about the floor skip on Joe Mcnally’s workshop last week)

If you are interested to follow me with this, check back here though am not sure I want to post all 365 shots here, in any other case you can see them on my flickr 365 set which you can find here. Flickr

So now you know what I had for dinner!

Until tomorrow!


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